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Due to a Major Fire, Dinosaur Kingdom
will be closed for 2012.

Please check back in 2013 for updates

Visit for more info and pictures.

I've probably built close to 400 dinosaurs during my career so when it came time to build my own Dinosaur Park I wanted it to be unlike anything ever seen before. Dinosaur Kingdom, Yankees verses Dinosaurs, was sort of inspired by a movie I'd seen in the sixties where it was cowboys mixin it up with the prehistoric beasts in "Valley of the Guangi"

Escape from Dinosaur Kingdom is in the woods directly in front of the Haunted Monster Museum with several comical scenes meant to lighten up those who may have just exited the Haunted Monster Museum's chicken door. If you visit, don't wear anything blue or you might just end up as lunch for a hungry Allosaurus.

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