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Sculpting Workshops

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workshopvidI’ve been thinking about teaching the art of fiberglass sculpture for over ten years. Then for a few more years I actually started talking about it. Now, I’m finally planning it!

Here’s the deal. When I was a kid, I loved making movies with my buddies every weekend in the woods, down by the river, or in the old graveyard. The local closed down foundry was perfect as Frankenstien’s lab.

The more elaborate we got in our film making the more elaborate props we needed. Props were expensive so I started to learn how to make them. It started with paper maché and then I realized it was cheaper yet if I could use the same props over and over again.

I noticed that the figures on mini golf’s and amusement parks seemed to last forever through all kinds of weather year after year. I also noticed the different shapes, sizes, techniques, and textures being used and I wondered, “how did they do that?’ We’ll friends’, you might say finding out the answer has become a lifelong obsession. I have spent 30 years learning how to create things using fiberglass by using techniques I have created that NO other company in the biz (that I know of) uses or even knows about. In fact, it amazes me that in the many studios I have been in over the years, I still see professional sculptors doing things so backwards and time consuming, I can’t understand why they’ve not figured out the same short cuts I discovered.

My technique is so incredibly efficient and fast, anyone with any artistic aptitude can take my two day workshop and walk away knowing how to create large and inexpensive pieces for their own haunted house, theater, restaurant, attractions or their back yard.

Again, I have been doing this for 30 years and have pieces all over the world and now I want to teach YOU how to do it.

Here’s my qarentee; if you take my classes, You WILL learn how to create what you want by learning my technique. If you don’t, I’m the failure and I don’t like to fail at anything. Fair enough?

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