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Unique Signs and Entranceways

I'm often asked how I got started in the sculpting business. I mean one just doesn't start building giant statues for a living. I needed to generate more income to supplement my struggling Monster Museum in the 80's but nobody wanted my sculptures then, they didn't understand the draw they (sculptures) have or believed I could even build the image they needed to represent their business. I was the Nutty Monster Museum Guy.
I got my foot in the door by building and painting signs. Every business needs signs or logos. Once I painted a sign it was easier to sell any accompanying 3D figure with it. Basically, the signs got smaller and the sculptures got bigger until the signs all but disappeared.
The entrance ways are like walking into a sign but the people are totally enveloped by a particular feel deliberately meant to transform their mood to fit the business. Getting the customer on your wave length means greater sales.

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