The most creative people
in the world have a true
passion for living.

"Cline is a Fiberglass Wizard" - Roanoke Times

"Cline, the Poor Man's Disney" - Lynchburg News & Advance

"Mr. Cline's got talent, intelligence, imagination and a wonderful spirit of adventure"
- George Takei, Star Trek's Mr. Sulu

"Madcap, Mysterious & MacabreÖCline is part Huck Finn, part Peter Pan"
- Rockbridge Weekly

"An Adventurer Who Creates His Own AdventuresÖA Creator Who Shapes His Own Fantasies Into Realities" - WHSV - TV

"In Such fertile and inventive minds as (Cline's), who knows what treasure reside?"
- News Virginian

"One of the unsung heroes of pop culture, the Studio Tour is about life and creativity"
- Atlanta Tribune

"Foamhenge is also one of the most photogenic Stonehenge's in the world. It's a remarkably realistic replica" - MSNBC

"Can't get to England to visit... Stonehenge. Up on a bluff stands a replica called Foamhenge,
made from, well foam" - National Geographic

"Always the Merry Prankster Waiting to Surprise Us" - Rockbridge Weekly

"Cline might be the closest thing to a modern day Dr. Frankenstein"
- Washington and Lee's Rockbridge Report

"Mark Cline can work wonders with fiberglass"
- Staunton News Leader

"A wiry and over-caffeinated molding of Indiana Jones and Mork from Ork"
- Virginia Living Magazine

"He's an idea man and he backs it up with action"
- Jerry Clark, editor of Rockbridge Weekly

"Mark's (Ghost Tour) in Lexington blows them all away - - - very, very entertaining - - - truly phenomenal" - Jim Johnson, Nightmare Mansion

"My greatest talent is making people believe I got it" - Mark Cline (as quoted in Visiting Lexington)

"One can only say that it is truly inspiring to be both entertained by Cline and on sight at - - - Foamhenge" - Rockbridge Weekly

"The most creative people in the world have a true passion for living"

"The key to one's own happiness is in the art of making others happy, live it, do it."

"If you're not the hero of your own adventure the book ain't worth reading"

"When one becomes aware of the constant miracle occurring daily, nothing is impossible."

"My job is making smiles, my job is not work but a religious experience and I'm a fanatic."

"I don't consider myself an artist nearly as much as an entertainer who knows how to create art."

"This one man ëimagination factory' has single handedly brightened the Virginia countryside with his offbeat sculptures and embrace whimsy at a level far above that of most "grown-ups"
- Weird US

"I saw several weird things while I was on vacation last week, but Foamhenge probably takes the cake" - USA TODAY

"Pretty much anyone would be scared of Mark after they visit this place." - Roadside America

"It's Amazing! It's Brilliant! It's Hilarious!" - The Washington Post

"Nobody can do the stonework like he does, that's important to me." Tim Morrison
- Music Director, Buena Vista Pentecostal Holiness Church

"His faces are so good, much better than the ones we had in the 60's. The eyes seem to follow you." - Joanne Leight, Dinosaur Land

"Mark's an artist, I haven't seen anybody more creative than Mark, and his prices are not out of line." - Jim Johnson, Museums Inc.


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