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Foamhenge "appeared" on April Fool's Day 2004 after being assembled in place the day before on the property of Natural Bridge and yes it's all foam. It's popularity has exceeded my expectations having appeared on MSNBC, Fox, Discovery Channel, CNN, BBC, Smithsonian, Food Network, TBS and a Geico commercial segment. It's also been in National Geographic for Kids, Washington Post, U.S.A. Today, Wall Street Journal, international magazines, and in several books, and on the cover of "Strange But True VA".
I've been present during the Summer Solstice and the sunrise there is only about 5 feet off. Don't worry I figure it should work itself out in about 4000 years.

"Can't get to England to visit... Stonehenge. Up on a bluff stands a replica called Foamhenge, made from, well foam" - National Geographic

"I saw several weird things while I was on vacation last week, but Foamhenge probably takes the cake" - USA TODAY

"One can only say that it is truly inspiring to be both entertained by Cline and on sight at - - - Foamhenge" - Rockbridge Weekly

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