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Professor Cline's Haunted Monster Museum

Due to a Major Fire, Professor Cline's Haunted Monster Museum will be closed for 2012.

We would like to thak everyone for your
Patronage over the past years.

Please check back in 2013 for updates

Visit for more info and pictures.

The Haunted Monster Museum was built in a real authentic Victorian mansion high on a hill. One must actually take the path through the woods to get to it.

Built in 2002 the "Museum" is a remake of sorts of the original Monster Museum I started at Natural Bridge in 1982. Not only does this one contain subconscious fears like monsters under the stairs, closet monsters, and the ones living under beds, it's also haunted with the ghosts of dead criminals. If you need an explanation to all the madness you can always purchase the "Legend of Prof. Cline's Haunted Monster Museum" comic book after completing the tour, if you complete the tour. Look to make sure I've autographed the comic. I want everyone who purchases one to own something that might increase in value when I'm dead... hopefully a very long time from now.

"Cline might be the closest thing to a modern day Dr. Frankenstein"
- Washington and Lee's Rockbridge Report

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