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The Entertainer

When I was very young my dream was to be an entertainer. But what kind? There are so many. I'm a restless chameleon constantly changing colors. I'm an insane tailor, always cutting different cloths to fit different patterns. I'm the Mad Hatter, putting on whatever hat fit's the scene! Enough with the metaphors already!
I'd have been perfect for Saturday Night Live. My picture is even in a book* across from Dan Akroid's. Perhaps that's the closest I'll ever come.
An old actor friend of mine, Gary Smith, once told me, "So what if you never make it big in Hollywood, as long as a person can thoroughly enjoy doing community theater and be active in it." Truly, the world is the stage but my world is a large circus tent and I'm in the center ring. I would've been too restless in a small theatre but uncomfortable in Hollywood. My work, my attractions have been exposed to millions of people from all over the world in the decades I've been at it. I became the entertainer I wanted to become.
*Weird VA

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